Love Floris is your passport to the very best of Greece and the Mediterranean.

We are a different kind of concierge travel service, offering customized luxury getaways with a unique style for every kind of traveler -- love birds, families, surfers, beach bums, epicureans, history buffs, culture nerds, nature lovers and more.

To Love Floris, your journey is an art form. Our travel design team begins with a blank canvas and creates a richly textured, personalized and private expression of your interests and desires. Art, in the form of an itinerary, comes to life to create a beautiful and unique journey.

Love Floris is the brainchild of its founder and director, Vivia, an internationally renowned creator of extraordinary luxury experiences.
Vivia is the creative director of Floris Special Events NY and Floris Special Events 2 Athens and a specialist in designing and producing unique events all over the world.
With Love Floris, Vivia brings her passion and expertise to the world of customized travel, sharing her love of Greece with travelers who are looking for special experiences.

So, go ahead -- indulge yourself. Let us help you discover the hidden treasures of Greece and the Mediterranean with a customized experience that is unique to you.

At Love Floris, your wish is our command!